Counter current cooler


Münch counter current coolers are characterized by a special construction, where the cooling air is sucked by a fan through the ground of the cooler and through the adjustable pellet layer. The ground of the cooler is close to free-flowing products, yet breathable. If necessary, the lamellar construction ensures complete emptying. Wet spots or adhesions can be prevented. A bridge formation in the cooler is excluded.

Basic datas:

  • hydraulic, pneumatic or electrically driven all-over discharge system with positioning sensors for discharge control
  • 3 pcs. level sensors mounted at the door of the cooling chamber
  • electronic temperature sensor 4…20mA for temperature monitoring without evaluation (signal processing performed by third-party control)
  • sprinkler installation (optional – standard for wood pellets)
  • rotary valve on the cooling covering with directly coupled driving motor
  • execution also completely optional stainless steel available
  • cooling chamber for pellets or granulate-type products with rectangular cross section, all-over discharge system