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MÜNCH-Edelstahl GmbH
Weststraße 26
40721 Hilden

Tel: +49 02103 58996
Fax: +49 02103 589977

Technical Support

  • Mr. Jan Lambertz
  • Mr. Olcay Arik
  • Mr. Ahmet Coskun

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Contact persons

Mirja Gerlach
Managing Director
Jens Dierksen
Managing Director

Cornelis de Zwaan
Head of Sales
cz [a]
Thomas Biallas
Sales Manager North Germany / Middle Germany
tb [a]
Lars Wasgien
Sales Manager
lw [a]
Yeray Müller
Sales Manager Spain & Latin America
ym [a]
Lukasz Jurczynski
Service and Sales Manager Poland and Eastern Europe
lj [a]

Toni Trendafilovski
Plant Manager
tt [a]
Olcay Arik
Head of Technical Department
oa [a]
Michael Klees
Head of Technical Procurement
einkauf [a]