Carousel Dryer T and Carousel Cooler K


Münch carousel dryers and -coolers ensure the best product treatment and produce on basis of their circular cross-section a homogeneous process air, resulting in a uniform drying or cooling of each particle. The carousel system consists of several rotating decks, which transport the material from the top to the bottom through the system. Each deck consists of several screen trays. Similar to a carousel, each of the separate trays is tilting automatically, one after the other, so that the product can slowly and gently slide down onto the next deck underneath. A very homogeneous drying or cooling process is guaranteed. This process is repeated on every deck until the product leaves the dryer/cooler at the bottom of the installation.

Basis datas:

  • careful and uniform treatment
  • minimal installation space (9qm)
  • final moisture tolerance
  • cleaning in place (CIP)
  • product change without down time
  • easy installation
  • process parameters operated by PLC
  • small energy consumption