MÜNCH-Edelstahl supports student project

MÜNCH-Edelstahl provides advice to students of the Franz-Jürgens-Berufskolleg from Düsseldorf

The students spent six weeks in Madagascar during their summer vacation to assist a local development aid organization which is based in Dusseldorf. The development aid organization builds a school in the village of Andalamengoke and starts to implement a supply of drinking water for local residents as well as energy supply.

The focus of the student project is on the research and development of an alternative green fuel for the energy supply. With regard to preserve the resources available in the nearby national park, research on biomass pellets as an alternative to the fuel charcoal is being promoted by the students. MÜNCH-Edelstahl provides the know-how of biomass pelleting for research purposes.

We are pleased to support the students in their project on the open day.