Second-hand pellet press (former van Aarsen)


Single-engine V-belt press, formerly van Aarsen

Completely repaired in 2018
All wearing parts are replaced by new parts

  • Main shaft, rotor and door with infeed are rebuilt to the current standard of the Münch press RMP 520. The press room is equipped with original Münch parts.
  • The press can be used as 520/80 (biomass), 520/138 or 520/178
  • Prepared for a motor power of 132 kW
  • Manual lubrication, automa-tic lubrication is prepared
  • Speed sensor on the grooved pulley
  • Shear pin breakage monito-ring
  • Tumblers on maintenance flaps
  • Door lock
  • Overload flap at the inlet

The press room is customized with original parts from Münch. Upon customer request, the press can also be extended with a conditioner, a dosing unit, an automatic grease central lubrication and a press control.

Immediately available

Price on request